SonyEricsson PSP phone

Well it’s running Android which might be a bit strange, but then again, why develop your own when there’s something that works. The new SonyEricsson gaming phone type: Z1i with codename: Zeus.

By using Android they can spend much more resources to the gaming part, which has nog yet been visible.
It looks promising though, perhaps it’s better developed then the Nokia gaming phones

New LG Star turns up

Phandroid has some nice pictures of a new LG Android phone, check it out:

Some information which is available on the forums:

8mp cam on back & front facing cam
1080p video recording
tegra 2 duel core processor (wow!)
supposedly will run stock gingerbread (yours is clearly running froyo, though it’s a bit early for gingerbread)

What kind of screen is it? Capacitive. 480×800
Is that a kick stand on the back? No
What is the battery life like? Haven’t tested it fully.
Did they mention a release date or price when they gave it to you? I think I can’t disclose that.
What’s the resolution of the front cam? Don’t know.
How much built in memory does it have? Pic above.
does the hdmi work well when hooked up to a big screen tv? does it only output video or does the android interface show up? what about other apps? Haven’t tested it yet.
How about a review? How does it feel to hold? Is it as snappy as one would expect from the specs? Do apps load fast? Is gaming smooth, that sort of thing. – Review will come later after it is released. Phone feels solid and it is fast for a prototype.